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Custom printing

Minimum quantities for print runs and embroidery is 50 garments.

We only use printers and embroiderers who meet our ethical and environmental standards. All our prints are water-based and PVC-free.

Prices for these services vary depending on quantities, type of print required and number of colours in your design. In order for us to give as accurate a quote as possible we need you to provide us with as much information as you can. Ideally we should be able to see a copy of your artwork in advance.

Files should be either be in Photoshop format (minimum 300dpi) or Adobe Acrobat. You should state the size of the actual print on the shirt (single prints can be no larger than A3 in size) and where you would like it placed (front, back, sleeve etc, and exact measurements from neckline, hem etc. are very helpful!)

Please note that printing onto dark coloured shirts requires an additional base colour and extra screen.

  • Produced under the ethical employment conventions of the International Labour Organisation.
  • We use organically grown cotton whenever possible.
  • We use Fairtrade Certified cotton whenever possible.
  • Any surplus profits help finance grass-roots trades unionism and ethical campaigns around the world.


Sales: 0208 457 4117 or
07957 261 137

General Enquiries: 0208 561 3707

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