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Kahlil Gibran Unisex Army Green
Price: £20.00
Kahlil Gibran Unisex Red
Price: £20.00
WBC Festival Unisex T-Shirt
Price: £18.00
Use Less Unisex T-Shirt
Price: £18.00
Pleasure Seeker Unisex T-shirt
Price: £18.00
Guitar Unisex T-Shirt
Price: £18.00
This Is Green Unisex T-Shirt
Price: £18.00

  • Produced under the ethical employment conventions of the International Labour Organisation.
  • We use organically grown cotton whenever possible.
  • We use Fairtrade Certified cotton whenever possible.
  • Any surplus profits help finance grass-roots trades unionism and ethical campaigns around the world.


Sales: 0208 457 4117 or
07957 261 137

General Enquiries: 0208 561 3707

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